This is a collection of older tracks that never really found a home and one new one. 

Kirschner Park (2005): Essentially comprised of some open-sourced piano recordings of Kenneth Kirschner and a field recording I made in Inwood Hill Park in 2005. I've never met Kirschner, but we lived in the same neighborhood. This was one of my first attempts at a composition, roughly from August of 2005. 

Grubadub (2005): A simple sample, processed and looped. 

First Song (2005): I never came up with a good title for this one, but as you might infer, it's the first real "song" I made. Chopped up some piano I recorded at home and recorded some students heading back to their dorms on a rainy Friday night. I'm still very fond of this. 

The Wake (before and after) (2008): I was hoping this would be the first track on Ivory Kettle for a long time but ultimately went a different way; I maybe regret that now. This has a nice glow to it at some parts. 

Shoal Shucking (2013): Recorded a tour guide on a boat and then processed the churn of the boat's motor and stripped it for parts. 

Valedictorian (2006): A cold track, a little more tension than I usually pursue...hopefully a good kind of bummer. 

The Frame Jogs On (2010): This song was a gift to someone at a time when I wasn't really making music and needed inspiration to do so.