The summer of 2014 was the first time in years that I had an extended period of time when I was able to pursue some different projects. This album is the result of reacquainting myself with the act of making music and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. A thank you is in order to Sean McCann for his mastering job. 

I think of Continental Burns as having two sides. The first five tracks (which also score the video of the same name) share a certain kinship; the sixth complements what came before while departing from it at the same time. A lot of this music came out of my longstanding interest in repeating figures and loops of both musical and traditionally non-musical sound sources. 

"The Station in Spuyten Duyvil" is an extended reworking of a track that first appeared on Rambler in a much shorter form. I think it is a piece that could exist in different versions with variable durations, but I would say that this 19-minute iteration is as close to definitive as I can currently conceive.